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the future of our practice resource centres

Libraries, or Practice Resource Centers, remain a fundamental issue of interest for FOLA and its members.  The preservation, improvement and sustainability of the system has been at the forefront of FOLA and before it, CDLPA's advocacy since before the inception of LibraryCo.  

The issues surrounding LibraryCo and the county law library system are complex and multifaceted.  This page of our web-site is intended as a resource for those looking to learn more about the ongoing debate and keep track of the latest developments.  

For more information, please do not hesitate to call our Executive Director, Mike Ras, at any time ( 

Background & History of LibraryCO
  • A document that lays out the history of LibraryCo and the challenges faced by the system from the perspective of CDLPA/FOLA over the years

CDLPA/FOLA's Vision of "Practice Resource Centres"

Library Information and Support Services Working Group (the LISS Working Group)

Resolutions of Plenary giving guidance to FOLA's Negotiators

      Resolution #1 - November 2014

      Resolution #2 - November 2016

Unanimous Shareholder Agreement

Timeline of Negotiations respecting LibraryCO

"Legal Information & Resource Network" (LIRN) Proposal #1 

"Legal information & Resource Network" (LIRN) Proposal #2

Memo to Presidents - June 1, 2017 (follow-up to Plenary)

Memo to Presidents - June 27, 2017 (update on status) 

Memo to Presidents - September 20, 2017 (update of discussions of September 11, 2017) 


Practice Resource Centres