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Resource Mental Health


Jun 5, 2023

Each MeetUp group is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL and operated independently of MAP.

These groups have been in operation since 2015 and most, recently during COVID, have moved to an on-line format.

The format is one hour long.  Each person may (but doesn’t have to) share how their mental wellness is affecting them.  They can then get “feedback” from another member (which is empathy or a technique which has worked for that other member…no host will tell someone what they “should” do…as they are professionals).

PLUS: Mental Wellness is now also offering free professional therapy for Law Association Members!

Through their partner, Nexim Healthcare Consultants, they have been able to get access to licenced, professional therapists at a greatly reduced rate.  Using donations provided by local organizations (such as the Rotary Club) they are able to cover the entire cost of up to five (5) sessions of professional therapy for each person.