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eState Planner

Mar 6, 2024
eState Planner

FOLA members, receive an exclusive $150 discount when you sign up for a Growing plan!

Enhance your estate planning practice with eState Planner

eState Planner is a lawyer-created software, trusted by thousands of Canadian professionals, designed to make estate planning safer and more efficient.

It provides lawyers and estate professionals with tools to improve the estate planning experience for their clients. Whether you are a sole practitioner, or a small or larger firm, eState Planner’s unique features are designed to streamline client intakereduce errors in will planning, and generate wills and other legal documents.

The first professional software in the LSO’s A2I program

eState Planner is the first professional software approved to participate in the Law Society of Ontario’s Access to Innovation (A2I) program. This ensures that our software meets the quality and safety standards set by the LSO, giving users confidence in our services.

What professionals say about us

“I chose eState Planner for so many reasons. It gives me peace of mind in document creation, knowing the most up-to-date legal precedents are being used, it allows me to create an endless variety of testamentary trusts, and the client intake form reduces transcription errors and mitigates my risks as a drafting solicitor. It is an exceptional product!”

– Angela S. Fallow, LL.B., TEP, Trust and Estate Practitioner – Fallow Estates Law

Exclusive discounts for FOLA members

To claim your discount, visit this link for a personalized demo with a product specialist or sign up for a free trial. FOLA members will get a $50 discount for their first three months (a total of $150 off) when subscribing to the Growing plan.