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Resource Mental Health


Jun 5, 2023

The Law Society is committed to supporting the well-being of Ontario’s legal professionals and those entering the professions. Preserving, enhancing and investing in personal health, particularly mental health, is critical to the success of any legal practice and protects and serves the public interest.  

As a legal professional, your work may pose real challenges to your mental health. Research shows legal professionals are almost twice as likely to experience mental health issues like anxiety, stress, depression and addiction as the general population.  The LSO’s Well-Being Resource Centre brings together a number of Law Society and community resources to support well-being in the professions.  

Did you know?  Ontario lawyers, paralegals, licensing candidates, Ontario law students, paralegal students, judges (and eligible family members) have access to a Member Assistance Program (MAP).   It is a free, fully confidential service provided by Homewood Health.  It is funded by the Law Society of Ontario and LAWPRO.

MAP provides secure, single sign-on access to counselling, coaching, online resources and peer volunteers. Members can get professional help with issues related to addictions, mental or physical health, work-life balance, career, family and more.