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Resource Mental Health


Jun 5, 2023

The groups have been very popular as they offer three significant benefits: 

1.  Members learn that they are not alone, and that there are others like them suffering;   

2.  Members can unburden themselves to a sympathetic ear…rather than continue to over-burden their spouse or parents who don’t have the lived-history to help; 

3.  Members can get real-world suggestions of techniques which others have used successfully.  

Here are some important links:

  1. MentalWellness.Help 
  2. Find them on FaceBook
  3. Link to their MeetUp page to join a meeting
  4. Scroll down for some videos

If you have any questions about the groups, please contact Jason at 

They  are listed with ConnexOntario, and receive support from the City of Toronto through Community Centre 55 and local Rotary Clubs.